My games and similar ludic designs.

A while ago I wrote and ran a one-shot mystery titled "Brine, Blood, and Oil" for my currently favorite pen-and-paper RPG, Monster of the Week, at a local con, and subsequently liked it enough to publish it online. Although originally played in German, I translated it to English to reach more players and posted it to RPGGeek. I have recently realized, however, that only registered users can download files from RPGGeek and while I really like that site, I am ideologically opposed to such restrictions placed on my own works, so I am reuploading it to my site.

Back in 2009, shortly before or after my bachelor thesis, I have programmed a simple but moderately entertaining web game unimaginatively titled "the Magic Square Breeding Game", whose goal is to breed a perfect magic square of the 3x3 size using the methods evolutionary computing.

  • The game is fully playable on my legacy website
  • You can also download the source code under the GNU General Public License (in a bout of radical minimalism, I have managed to pack the entire game into a single PHP file)