I had to solo this year's GGJ again (due to illness) and the topic, "What home means to you", left me rather uninspired, so my submission was Kalsarikännit, a simple but aesthetically pleasing (or so my few playtesters said) point-and-click game where you play a Grumpy Hexagon who just wants to go to sleep. However, everything is out to stress you, so you have to deal with things, one at a time, then go home to recharge.


The Hexagon navigates a field of hex-based tiles whose color indicates how stressful they are to traverse: blue is chill, green is okay, red is bad. When you hover the mouse over a tile, the shortest path to it is displayed – left-click to make the Hexagon move along this path to the target tile. Right-click to stop the movement at any point. You can quit the game at any time with the Escape key, or take a screenshot with Space (it's saved to your My Pictures folder).

You will also notice red heptagrams popping up on random tiles every now and then: each time they pulse, they raise the stress levels around them. If you manage to get to one, the Hexagon will remove it after a couple of seconds. Beware, however, that taking too much stress will make the Hexagon run back to the home tile. You win the game by eliminating all heptagrams.


The installer is in my Google Drive. The source code can be found on my GitHub.

But what does the title mean?

Don't ask. It's an inside joke.